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Mary Ella Carter, MD FACS, LLC

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Our staff, previous and current, is always up to amazing things! Below is a list of where past and current staff are attending schools to obtain advanced degrees in medicine:


Lauren Pace:

University of Maryland Medical school Fall 2017


Dahlia Benzaquin:

Loma Linda Physician Assistant School Fall 2017


Mega Sutphin:

Barry University, Miami Physician Assistant School Fall 2017


Emily Lafferman:

Ross Medical School Fall 2017

Lisa Li:

3rd year at University of Virginia Medical School

Jennika Ferretti-Gallon:

4th year at Virginia Commonwealth Medical School

Anna Ruff:

3rd year at Rosalind Franklin University Medical School

Kristin Suzich:

2nd year at University of Maryland Medical School

Alexandra Correia:

3rd year at George Washington University Medical School

Meredith Miles:

2nd year at University of Mississippi Physician Assistant school

Kayla Gomez:

1st year at Monmouth University Physician Assistant school

Abby Pyper:

1st year at George Mason and Georgetown University Post Baccalaureate Masters Program