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Dakar, Senegal Humanitarian Trip

March 2018










Operation two for Baby Assane! After healing well from his first surgery, Baby Assane is now able to pinch objects between his thumb and index finger. This second operation separated his third and fourth fingers, to help him grasp and pick up objects.

His third surgery, to separate his fourth and fifth fingers, is scheduled for May 2018
















9-month old girl with congenital ear deformity, pre and post surgery

Dakar, Senegal Humanitarian Trip

JUNE, 2017












Baby Assane, a 2 year old boy with polysyndactyly pre and post operatively.

This initial surgery separated his thumb and index fingers of his right hand, so that he can begin learning grasping movements.

His second surgery is scheduled for March 2018.

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 10.45.28 AMIMG_6145

18-month old boy with cleft lip and cleft palate congenital deformity

Haiti Humanitarian Trip



12-Year-Old Girl with Traumatic Ear Injury Pre and Post Reconstruction



11-Year-Old Boy, Car Accident Victim Pre and Post Skin Graft from Hip


Catholic Charities



Basal Cell Carcinoma Excision with Local Tissue Rearrangement and Reconstruction of the Lower Eyelid



Basal Cell Carcinoma of the Right Nasal Bridge with Complex Closure