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This week we have enjoyed delightfully sunny weather, but some of us have also been experiencing seasonal allergies. With a record high pollen count, the DMV has our patients sneezing! Here are some tips to help cut down on seasonal allergies, and enjoy the warm weather:

  • Determine if your symptoms are really allergies – symptoms include congestion that lasts for more than two weeks; eyes and nose itching; clear mucus; and exacerbated symptoms after being outside.
  • Wear a mask for outdoor chores – or bring the work inside! Be sure to kick off your work shoes and clothes as soon as you get home, to avoid bringing allergens into the house.
  • Over the counter medications, as recommended by your primary care physician can help to relieve many allergy symptoms. Alternately, a saline rinse or spray can help to ease congestion.

We hope that these tips help you to enjoy the beautiful weather!