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The VBeam Laser is Up and Running!

We are happy to announce that our new VBeam® Perfecta laser is ready to use! So, what exactly is the VBeam®? Well, the VBeam® is a pulsed-dye laser that uses dye to generate various colors of laser beams, which are delivered in pulses. The VBeam® is a very versatile laser that is programmed to target individual spots. […]

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What can the Vbeam Laser do for you?

This week we are very excited to be welcoming the Vbeam Perfecta Laser to our practice! Many patients have asked what the Vbeam can do – here are some of the many Vbeam procedures that will be available with Dr. Carter: Acne Scars Facial & Spider Veins Leg Veins Pigmented Lesions Rosacea Scar Treatment Striae […]

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