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New Years is a gift as it allows us an annual opportunity to take stock of where we’ve been, and where we are in terms of our goals, hopes and dreams. It is a golden time to forgive ourselves for where we have fallen short, reorder our priorities, and recommit to the action steps needed to reach our goals! An important area that should never get overlooked is our self care; eating more healthily, exercising in enjoyable ways that gives us energy, and taking care of our skin. How your skin looks can be a direct indicator of how healthy we are feeling physically and emotionally! That’s just science, baby!


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The time is now, friends. Out with the old, and in with the new, as they say. Let’s all add self care to the tip top of our resolution lists! The benefits are absolutely endless! The winter wear and its toll on our skin is in full swing, so there is no time like now to begin a skin care regimen that you want to flaunt! And if that means a little injection here or there, we won’t tell if you don’t.  😉

Can’t wait to see you! Have a wonderful start to your 2017.


All our love,

Dr. Carter and staff