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These are unprecedented times with so many unknown things going on in our world. This novel type of coronavirus, COVID-19, is a concern for us all. All aspects of life are affected, and we want to assure all our patients that we are here for you, ready to support you in your medical emergencies during this time. We can get through this together as a community. 

As part of your healthcare team, we urge all of our beloved patients to keep a sense of calm and practice safe measures at home and beyond. 
  • Avoid being in public places as much as possible
  • Avoid unnecessary travel
  • Wash hands thoroughly when returning home and after contact with others 
  • Grocery shop once a week
  • Maintain a safe six foot distance from others when in public
  • Self-quarantine for two weeks after returning from travel or if exposed
  • If you do feel sick, call your Primary Care Provider before you go in and self isolate from others in your home

Please note that our office is still opened, operating on a limited staff and schedule. We are seeing emergency and urgent matters to avoid any extra trips to the Emergency Department. This includes falls, wounds, accidents, and aggressive cancers. Do not hesitate to contact our office via phone or email with any pressing matters you may have. 

In these times of uncertainty, we must ourselves become leaders in the way that we treat our friends and our strangers. Interact with others with kindness, bearing in mind that we all need to get through this together.