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In our last post, we saw a glimpse of the important work that Dr. Carter was able to do while in Haiti. This week, we are excited to welcome her back to the office and share more information about her mission trip and the CRUDEM foundation!


From Left to Right: Mary Ella Carter (Plastic Surgery), Albert Fleury (Plastic Surgery), Colette Magnant, (Breast and General Surgery),Sally Reinholdt (RN), Andrew Umhau (Internal Medicine), Missy Stockstill (RN), Marjorie Brennan (Pediatric Anesthesiology) and Kitty Haywood (PA-C). 

The medical team was very busy and performed over thirty surgical procedures. Dr. Umhau made sure that all of the patients were medically fit for surgery. The surgeons had two operating rooms, one for breast surgery, and one for plastic surgery. Dr. Magnant was able to treat five patients for advanced breast cancer, as well as treating large benign tumors and performing breast biopsies.

Dr. Mary Ella Carter ran the plastic surgery operating room with Dr. Fleury. They were presented with a young man with a large facial tumor, which Dr. Carter was able to remove. Fortunately, the tumor was benign, and the boy healed without complications. Here are some pictures before and after surgery:
unnamedunnamed (1)unnamed (2)

Dr. Carter also had the opportunity to operate on patients with severe wounds and burns. The highlight of the trip was a walk with Sister Anne, to visit some of the many families for whom she provides support through CRUDEM. To date, she has been able to build more than 70 houses, each of which may house 8-10 people or more:
new housesr anne1

Thank you to everyone who has helped to support Dr. Carter and the CRUDEM foundation on this trip to Hopital Sacre Coeur. To learn more about the CRUDEM foundation, click here: